Good Day

It’s about time. I had a great day with web traffic on a few articles. Sometimes it’s hard to predict which will catch on, but for these I had a funny feeling they would.
The first article that popped was “Fun With Duff Beer” about the fictional beer that they drink on The Simpsons. I’m trying to write a bit more beer content because that category doesn’t get that many articles so their shelf life, no pun intended, is longer.
The next article that popped was “Why We Love Boba Fett” about the bounty hunter in Star Wars. Again, Star Wars articles typically do well, so I keep writing them. I even screened The Empire Strikes Back the other day to come up with more article ideas.
There’s actually another article that did well on Digg but didn’t pop – “Top Ten Songs About the Death Penalty.” I’m hoping that this article does well with search engines and becomes the top article for searches on “songs about the death penalty.” I successfully did that with “songs about suicide,” “songs to fight to,” and “gay songs.” Oh, and also “songs about alice in wonderland.”
Yes, song lists are frequently searched, which is why I write them.

I attended the Capitals’ 3-2 overtime loss to the Canadiens tonight. For the first time, I was there when they didn’t have a seat for me in the press box, so I watched the game from the press room with other journalists, including Dan Steinberg from The Post. He gave me a University of Maryland Wrestling T-Shirt. Not sure why he had it but I’ll take it!