Avoid the Magnolia Plantation in Charleston S.C.

The highlight of the Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, S.C.

Over the weekend I went to the Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, S.C. This is a place where slaves used to work for rich, white southerners. And let me tell you, despite a cover charge of $15 a person, and $7 extra for each tour, I’m betting the place looked a lot better back then than it does now.

It has vast network of gardens to walk through… that looks like walking along the paths in the woods near my house. Very few flowers, unkempt statues, and weeds. It has a conservatory… with a bunch of weeds. It has a hedge maze, like in The Shining… that hasn’t been trimmed in months. It has a petting zoo… which I found to be the highlight.

So, we came to experience Southern history and get a look at a place that once housed slaves, and someone is clearly taking the money and rolling around in it because they certainly aren’t putting it back into turning the place into something that it worth seeing. Even the slaves are rolling in their graves at what’s going on there.

Avoid the Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, S.C. at all costs.



I spent some time in Phoenix last week,visiting my uncle and aunt. I also took a trip to the Grand Canyon, thanks to my mother and grandmother. For the Grand Canyon trip, we flew from Sedona in a 10-man plane to the canyon, then took a chopper down into the canyon. Then we took a boat ride on the river. It was remarkable. I’ll have many photos and videos to post when I get back.
In Phoenix, we went to a zoo, a mystery house, and the Renaissance Festival. I must admit that the Phoenix RenFest was better than Maryland’s overall.
Now I’m in Seattle visiting my other uncle, but I’ll write more about that later.
Meanwhile, my Gunaxin articles continue to be published. Take a look: