That Toad I Keep Seeing

There is a toad that hangs out near the steps near my building and I frequently see it after dark while I’m walking home. I can’t tell for sure if it’s the same toad every time as sometimes it looks fatter than other times. I started seeing it over the summer, and though I don’t see it every night, I always look. Note that I don’t see any other toads on any other part of the sidewalk. Continue reading “That Toad I Keep Seeing”

Game of Thrones Live Experience, Again!

I went to the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience on Sept. 15 at Jiffy Lube Live, and this time, I sat up close. Cellist Cameron Stone came out into the crowd before the show, introduced himself, chatted, joked, and took pictures with everyone, up until the concert began. It was an incredible pleasure meeting him… He’s one of those guys who you meet and you feel like you made a new best friend. He was even nodding to me after the show!

Continue reading “Game of Thrones Live Experience, Again!”

Fantasy Camp!

On Tuesday I attended Caps Media Fantasy Camp, which you can read more about on Caps Outsider. Aside from playing alongside friends and colleagues, the highlight for me was winning a round of keep-the-puck-in-the-circle and coming in second place in Round 2, getting knocked out by Caps prospect Alex Alexeyev. I really wanted to beat him and even tried cheating but it didn’t work. In Round 3, Courtney Laughlin knocked me out. Continue reading “Fantasy Camp!”