Covering the Autograph Signings

Brouwer and Ovi pose for me.

It’s always fun covering autograph signings with the Caps. Recently, I was there for an Alex Ovechkin and Troy Brouwer signing (which was very rare, considering it was Ovi’s first in three years), and a not-rare John Carlson and Karl Alzner signing. Fans often ask me for the photos I took, and I’m happy to give them. And I always get an article or two.

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Photo With Craig Laughlin

Former Cap and longtime Caps TV color commentator Craig Laughlin and I have known each other for several years now, as I’ve written quite a bit about him, and he’s given me some great information for articles. Then I realized I really wanted my photo taken with him, and he happily accepted. Happy New Year, Laughlin!


When Trouble in Childhood Predicts the Future

I kept a journal when I was a kid, from about 1989 to 1992. While re-reading it recently, I came across a name I hadn’t seen in years. This person had a very unusual name – first and last – so I looked him up. What I found horrified me. He died several years ago in a jail cell, about two and a half hours after being pepper sprayed, and then Tased by police.

Black male, large, early 30s. Dead after dealing with police. Sound familiar? Only Al Sharpton didn’t come to his funeral, there was no national ‘discussion’ about this and no one protested.

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