Linkin Park

My friend Desi and I went to see Linkin Park at Jiffy Lube Live on Wednesday. I’ve been listening to this band for years but this was the first time I saw them. The show was terrific, but even more impressive is Chester Bennington’s ability to sing like he does without losing his voice. Once again, I took a bunch of lousy photos that I feel compelled to share just because.

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KISS has a monster spider-shaped lighting installation that got stuck during the show, ala Spinal Tap.

KISS and Def Leppard

I went to see KISS and Def Leppard at Jiffy Lube Live on Friday, July 25, 2014. It was my fourth time seeing KISS and my seventh time seeing Def Leppard. Photos always turn out lousy for this but I take them anyway because I feel I’m supposed to at least try, like everyone else snapping lousy photos on their phone. Continue reading