U.S. Holocaust Museum Tour

Here’s my father with former Washington Post reporter Michael Abramowitz at the graduation ceremony.

On Tuesday, my father, Bill Sumner, became a certified tour guide at the United States Holocaust Memorial and Museum.

After his months of preparation, his first duty, along with the other new tour guides, was to take his friends and family around for a tour.

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Spotlight, And What’s Missed

I think I can safely say that the film Spotlight is the best journalism movie since All the President’s Men. It’s the story of the Boston Globe’s award-winning investigation into the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal.

Since the film prominently features former Boston Globe editor Marty Baron, the Washington Post’s current editor, WaPo employees got to attend a special screening a few months ago. I’d like to humbly brag that on the way to the screening, I was with a small group of colleagues who invited Baron himself to ride along to the theater in Georgetown. On the way, he told us some interesting things that happened before and even after filming.

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Holocaust Survivor Harriet Steinhorn-Roth

A couple of weeks ago I went to Leisure World in Silver Spring to watch by former Hebrew School principal, Harriet Steinhorn-Roth, talk about her time during the Holocaust. Of course, I brought along my new camera equipment and recorded it (I could’ve done a better job if I knew what I was doing, but it is what it is).

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