A Showdown at the ‘Dyke March’

I was curious how the “Dyke March” in D.C. on Friday would play out after they asked folks not to bring items marked with the Star of David. Apparently, that star is associated with Israel (not merely a Jewish symbol), which they associate with oppression of the Palestinians, which has absolutely nothing to do with being a lesbian (I think!), which, along with homosexualy it general, happens to be prohibited in Gaza and frowned upon in the West Bank, but whatever. Continue reading “A Showdown at the ‘Dyke March’”

Try This

When I form an opinion on something, I inhale all the information I can possibly get. Sometimes, there’s no right or wrong answer, but a preference (vanilla is better than chocolate). Other times, there is a clear cut distinction between right and wrong, good and bad (fare jumping on Metro is wrong because it’s stealing, something that too many in DC disagree with). And other times, I clearly see the reasons why the issue is controversial (socialism vs. capitalism), then lean the way I strongly believe would work best, while acknowledging why others feel differently. I’ll even take it a step further and say that more experiments are needed to understand some subjects before I can form an opinion. Continue reading “Try This”