Rest in Peace, Eric

I recently found out that my childhood best friend, Eric, passed away a couple of years ago. I remember the first day he and his family moved into the house next door in Beltsville, when I was about four (Eric was a year younger than me). My family lived on Quimby Ave. until I was 7 and a half, when we moved to Silver Spring. I remember those years with Eric fondly, and fortunately I have many photos of those times. Rest in peace, Eric. Continue reading “Rest in Peace, Eric”

Rest in Peace, Bob

My friend Bob Sewell passed away this past Sunday. I played roller hockey with him for about a decade, and we won a championship with him in 2005. He was a fantastic friend and everyone who played with him misses him dearly.

Here are more photos of him over the years with the Screaming Squirrels.