Speakers on College Campuses, 90’s Edition

Before the coronavirus and protests of racism took over the news cycle, another story kept occurring in the past few years involving ‘controversial’ guest speakers at universities. With many students leaning left, conservative speakers in recent years have been the primary targets of these protests, at least in the higher-profile incidents. Continue reading “Speakers on College Campuses, 90’s Edition”

My Grandmother Survived Covid-19

In late April, my 92-year-old grandmother was the first person at her senior living community to be diagnosed with Covid-19, which made very little sense because she was confined to her room for weeks and there wasn’t an outbreak there.

I was told that later, one of the caregivers had passed away from the virus, a much younger man and a father.

My grandmother, however, survived it, and recovered at a rehab facility. After several weeks away, she returned home. Continue reading “My Grandmother Survived Covid-19”

ROBO 100

When I was a kid, my friends and I broke out the tape recorder and pretended we were DJs. These ‘shows’ happened occasionally, starting in 1987 and lasting through 1993, before I got an internship at WMUC radio at the University of Maryland and recorded myself actually doing a real show. Continue reading “ROBO 100”