Decades Later, I Finally Finished Watching an Alfred Hitchcock Presents Episode

No, YOUR hair looks stupid.

Back in August of 1990, my family visited Universal Studios in Florida, where I saw the Alfred Hitchcock exhibit. I LOVED it.

At home, I found Alfred Hitchcock Presents was showing on Nick-At-Night. I watched it as often as I could, and Hitchcock movies, too.

I forgot which year it was exactly – I’m estimating 1991 – when I was babysitting some neighbor kids. An episode called “I Killed The Count, Part I” came on, then “I Killed The Count, Part II.” I started watching Part III, but the parents came home and it was time for me to leave. I ran home but missed the ending.

I missed the ending. The ending is the biggest payoff in Hitchcock-blessed productions.

When would the episode come back on? There were hundreds of them, and this was long before electronic guides or simple ways to record things (VHS tapes!).

A couple of years ago I set my DVR to record the Alfred Hitchcock Hour, and also Alfred Hitchcock Presents. The episodes piled up and DVR only had so much space. I watched it when I could but I’m far from finished.

This week, on my DVR, I found  “I Killed The Count” Parts I, II… and III. My eyes lit up. ~Twenty-five years later, I got to finish watching what I started. Hallelujah.

The ending was just ok.

Me, in 1991, a year after my first photo in this spot. It wasn’t the same house used in Psycho.
Universal Studios, Florida. 1991.
Here’s me at the Bates Motel at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California in 2002.
Here’s me at the real Psycho house at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California in 2002.
Here I am with Hitchcock at Madame Tussauds in London, in 2004.