New Concrete in Garage

Before I moved into my house, the inspector told me I’d have a problem with rainwater going into the garage. It rained the first day I moved in and I could see exactly what he was talking about, so I had the end of the driveway resurfaced so the water would go to the side, and while I was at it, I had the garage floor reinforced (with the squares throughout in the pictures below), and floor resurfaced. This is only some of the work they did, as they also replaced the concrete on my front and back patios. This work was done back in May.

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New House

After living in Beltsville for 16 years, I’ve moved back to Silver Spring. I bought a house on Solmar Drive, on the north side of Fairland Road.

It was neat waking up in my new house on my birthday. The timing was a coincidence.

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Saying Goodbye

After 16 years, I’m moving out of my condo. The folks I’ll miss the most are the kids in my neighborhood. I’ve watched them grow up, played many games of ‘500’ with them at the pool, dropped mini chocolate bars on them from my balcony, and also shot them with my super soaker. I’ll also miss my postal worker, Jackie, who came to my home countless time to pick up and deliver packages.

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