That Time I Was on WOW on Channel 20

In the summer of 1981, my parents somehow got me on the show WOW, which aired on WDCA Channel 20. WOW was a children’s show starring Captain 20 (Dick Dyszel). The kids entered the set on a sliding board then participated in fun activities as cameras filmed us.

My cousin, Deanna Aiken, was also on the show with me (in the photo above, that’s us sitting below Captain 20).

Several weeks later, the show aired on television. I didn’t completely understand the concept of taping show at the time so I was briefly befuddled as to how I was both sitting on my grandparents’ sofa and also on the television.

Here’s the only video of the show I could find. It’s not the one I was on but you’ll get the idea. The most familiar part of all of this is the theme music at the end of this video.

Here’s what Dyszel is up to now:

My booth was right next to Count Gore's this year! He loved it when I'd poke my head through the Curtains to gab about Creature Feature! 🙂

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