Real Concerns and the Headlines They Ultimately Create

I attended my condo association’s board meeting the other day, and a few things stood out to me in context to what’s going on in the news.

A police officer was there, and explained the current situation with the Beltsville police department. There used to be seven cops assigned to our area. Now there are three, and they’re working 12 hour shifts. These aren’t cutbacks – there are far fewer cops now to fill the spots of the ones who are retiring. Plus, the retirees can make very good pay in freelance security, so why stay on full time? Continue reading “Real Concerns and the Headlines They Ultimately Create”


I read this passage today:

“Determined wrongdoers, already ignoring existing statutes and safety measures, are unlikely to be convinced to adopt safe practices by a new overlay of regulations.”

My first reaction was that this is a passage about gun control, and an argument against further restrictions, made by a conservative Supreme Court justice.

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No Big Deal Here

One day this past week, I walked down the Mt. Vernon Square Metro escalator, heading home from work, just like I do every day.

“Excuse me!” Someone yelled, maybe 25 feet or so away from me. I’m not interested. I had a train to catch and if I gave my undivided attention to everyone asking for money outside Metro, I’d never get anywhere. It’s a very common thing.

“Fucking white people,” the guy said in my direction when it was clear I wasn’t going to answer him.

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