Math Class

When I was in elementary school, I recall going to the front of the class to do a math equation on the board.

The entire class said I was wrong. I didn’t bend. I knew I was right. Then the teacher said I was right. The entire class was wrong but me.

I’m glad I didn’t give in to the pressure of others who insisted that I had made a mistake when I didn’t. Fortunately, this was math, where right and wrong answers aren’t a matter of perspective.

While disagreements in the real world aren’t necessarily as cut and dry as mathematical equations, too often the facts surrounding the opinions are more cut and dry. People try to use facts to back up their opinions, but when those facts aren’t exactly right, they’re often only called out by the people who disagree with the overall opinion, not by those who agree with the premise.

That tends to make people continue down the path of illogical, unreasonable logic to back up their opinions, because they’re not challenged by their own side – just their detractors who they don’t trust anyway.

To those of you who don’t correct people on your own side, who give a pass to someone who uses lies to justify what you believe, you’re doing a disservice to your own side that only multiples as others preach their opinions.

To those of you who ‘learn’ faulty logic from others and eat it up merely because you agree with the premise – enjoy your ignorant bliss.

It’s too bad life isn’t as simple as elementary school math.