My Smartest Investment

Over the years I took tons of advice on investing my money, only to watch the stock market play games with it over the past ten years. It was supposed to be a sure thing – invest for the long term and make money. But after what’s happened in the past decade, who’s to say it will do any better in the next 30?
Last June, I was searching Craigslist and met a guy who inherited a storage bin full of Lord of the Rings items. He knew what they were worth, and I knew what they were worth, but he obviously didn’t want to do the legwork. So I bough the items, loaded up my car – twice – and started selling them on Amazon and Ebay. Less than two months later I had already made my money back, and everything after that was profit. I’ve already tripled my money on the initial investment, and I’ve continued to search Craigslist, Ebay and Amazon for rock-bottom deals that I can turn around for a profit. And it’s worked.
To think that if I had just concentrated more on collectibles instead of stocks of companies that I have no idea about, I would’ve fared much better over the past ten years.
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