Missing Gary Coleman

There are moments in all of our lives when we see an opportunity, perhaps the only opportunity we’ll ever have, and we miss it for some reason. One of those moments for me was to meet Gary Coleman, the actor I grew up watching on Diff’erent Strokes. Back in April 2009, the Gunaxin crew went to New York for the Midgets vs. Mascots premier at the Tribeca Film Festival. Gary and his wife came to the pre-party. Gary had a horrible scowl on his face and looked to be in pain. His wife, Shannon, was listening to her iPod. Gary put his head on the table and didn’t talk to anyone.

I approached them. I asked Shannon if Gary was okay. She nodded and asked if I wanted my photo taken with him. Seeing him squirming on the table, I said no because he didn’t look to be in any mood or condition for a photo.

I wish I had gotten my photo taken with him but at the same time, there was no way I would’ve even suggested that in that circumstance. He didn’t attend the movie and instead flew back to Utah.

Now, he’s dead. Rest in peace, Gary. You were a true talent.