King of the Morgul Lord Sellers

Quick question. How much would you be willing to pay for this ToyBiz figure?

Over the past 10 month or so, my customers have been paying me an average of $45. This, for an item that once sold for $5.99 at KB Toys.

Since I firmly believe that toys are for kids to play with, and not for adult collectors to drool over, I hope each one of these goes to a child. But I seriously doubt it, considering the price people are paying. So why don’t I lower the price, you ask? Well, I’m already undercutting everyone else. That’s right. Most others are selling this for more than I am. That’s why I’ve sold so many. And this isn’t even the rare version – there’s another out there selling for much more with a fiery sword. Regardless, I declare myself: King of the Witch-King of Angmar figure.

All this for a character who got killed by a woman dressed as a man on a battlefield in Lord of the Rings.

Check out my article on the Morgul Lord Witch King on Gunaxin and buy it (from me, of course) on Amazon.