When I Can’t Defend My Own Employer

A couple of incidents happened recently involving two reporters at The Washington Post, showing blatant bias on their part and undermining their credibility.

Check out this story on what happened:

WaPo Reporter Goes Rogue, Gives Strategy Briefing to Secret Dem Donor Conference

This is simply inexcusable, and the reporter involved should be removed from the political beat, if not fired. Personally, I’ve always found her reporting to be driven by her personal agenda, but her involvement in this meeting steps over the line.

UPDATE: She was put on ‘leave.’

Another writer tweeted this:

Surprise! The answer is that we do, and we must, regard all men as potential monsters to be feared. That’s why we cross to the other side of the street at night, and why we sometimes obey when men say “Smile, honey!” We are always aware the alternative could be death.”

UPDATE: She deleted the Tweet.

This reporter covers sexual harassment, so this tweet makes it clear she’s got no objectivity on the matter.

I would invite this woman to a self defense course, but I seriously doubt she would take it. This woman should own a gun. It’s the only thing that can give her the edge against all of these ‘potential monsters’ she warns against. If not a gun, then pepper spray. A knife. Something to give her some peace of mind in a world full of monster men.

On a side note, when her message has the subjects switched from, say, ‘all men’ to ‘black people,’ ‘Muslims’ anyone else for that matter, it’s racist. But nevermind the sexism here – men get no sympathy when they’re the target.

Unfortunately, the tactics I’ve heard to stop the problem of men harassing/raping/beating women – by certain mainstream activists – are highly inefficient. They claim teaching men not to rape, or calling out harassment, is an answer to the age-old problem. It’s mind-boggling listening to these folks scream at men – all men – about being part of the problem. Bad people do bad things, and they always will. Perhaps some of it is correctable, especially among younger folks or in cultures that completely disrespect women, but it’s safe to say that a million or so years into human existence, certain behaviors won’t vanish because of shaming from people who are more likely to hold prejudices themselves.

These two incidents got negative feedback from the public, especially because two reporters decided their divisive personal opinions are more important than their objectivity. It’s indefensible and inexcusable, and I can’t help but agree with those folks who call out my employer for allowing such behavior.

A few days after this happened, the Post did something fantastic involving a sting set up against them by Project Veritas, a right wing group trying to prove The Post has an agenda or something. Little did this group know that all they had to do was point at these two reporters.