18 Years Later…

I followed the case of Alison Thresher’s disappearance for 18 years. She used to sit right near me at work when I was working in the sports department and she was in her final days at WPNI before her move back to The Post.

After seeing the timeline of the events around her disappearance, it’s inconceivable that police didn’t solve this case years earlier.  It took 18 years for them to name a person of interest, six years after the same man was convicted of raping her daughter, 18 years after police released a composite sketch that looked exactly like this man, plus 18-year-old documents proving her concern over this man.

There are details of this case that complicated it, but in retrospect, it appears blatantly obvious who committed this crime. The Hardy Boys could’ve solved this sooner.

As soon as Fernando Asturizaga was named a person of interest, he hanged himself in prison.