Rest in Peace to My Grandmother, Carolyn Krepshan Sumner

Here she is during her 90th birthday party.

Rest in peace to my beloved grandmother, Carolyn Sumner, the most selfless, caring, and sweetest person I’ve ever known.

She baked welcome muffins for new neighbors, erased her crossword puzzle answers in case someone else wanted a turn, gardened, and read voraciously. She cooked us sabbath briskets, with a side of kosher dills and Dr. Brown’s cream soda. Her biggest flaw: Worrying too much.

She turned 95 this past Saturday, and nearly outlived both of her parents combined. Married at 18 to a World War II vet (Harry Sumner) and a mother at 19, she raised two boys: William and Howard, had three grandchildren: Benjamin, Daniel and Zachary, and three great grandchildren: Ryan, Henry and Noah, plus many nieces and nephews, all of whom miss her dearly.