The Dark Crystal Busts by Plan B Toys

Plan B Toys released a series of collectible busts between 2003 and 2006 based on Jim Henson’s 1982 film The Dark Crystal. They are long sold out and very hard to get. Here they are.


We’ll start with the best one – the Garthim. Yes, he’s a big creepy bug with lobster hands, but he’s literally the stormtrooper of the Skeksis, the one who brings order. Also, his base is made of the pod people. Here’s a closer look:

Sad, but cool, too.


Here’s my next favorite one, mainly due to the size. It’s also more colorful than the others. SkekUng is the Garthim master, so he controls the big bug above.


Here is UrYod the numerologist. I think that makes him The Count of the Mystics.


As much as I like this one, he doesn’t seem complete without a few others, surrounding the crystal at the end of the movie after the Great Conjunction.




This one is smaller than the others, and seems a lot more fragile. This is my least favorite one. I’m sure the Chamberlain would be upset.


The mad scientist isn’t available. Plan B Toys only made one prototype. They showed it at toy fair one year but the license with the Henson Company expired before the company could get him to market.