Abandoned 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant – College Park

I was a bit shocked to learn that the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant in College Park, Md. was closed down. I’ve only eaten there once but I always thought it was an awesome place, considering you can walk around Lake Artemesia to get there. The worst part was that the airplanes were gone.

For some reason, abandoned buildings fascinate me as nature takes over and destroys the place (of course, this building was originally designed to look old to begin with). Here are a few photos I got without trespassing inside.94th-Aero-Squadron-Restaurant08 94th-Aero-Squadron-Restaurant09 94th-Aero-Squadron-Restaurant10 94th-Aero-Squadron-Restaurant0594th-Aero-Squadron-Restaurant0694th-Aero-Squadron-Restaurant0794th-Aero-Squadron-Restaurant11 94th-Aero-Squadron-Restaurant12 94th-Aero-Squadron-Restaurant13

And here are a few photos from 2007:

Update: 5/28/19:

It’s totally gone now: