More WaPo Bylines

Got a couple more articles on The Post’s website recently. Back when I visited my brother and nephew in Charleston, S.C., I attended a South Carolina Stingrays game. Afterward, I got to interview ECHL star Philipp Grubauer, a Capitals’ goalie prospect who was good enough to play in the AHL but didn’t due to their depth at goalie this season. While I was talking to him, he had a huge bag of ice on his wrist. Shortly after, he had surgery on it and missed the rest of the season. Regardless, he’ll almost certainly be playing in Hershey next season. Having this article on Capitals Insider was special for me because it’s pretty much the authority on Washington Capitals news.

I was all set to write a quirky Caps Outsider post about the Caps’ playoffs video, a pretty awesome production made each year, when I found myself having a long conversation with Caps’ director of game entertainment and TV production, Michael Wurman. After hearing his story about how a single lyric in a song almost ruined his video last year before he had a last-minute revelation, I knew I had a D.C. Sports Bog scoop.

Hoping to write more. Since it’s not really my job to write for the site (I’m in the IT department), it’s completely up to me to find the story and pitch it to them.