Shooting Golf!

On Monday, I attended the Laughlin Family Foundation‘s charity golf tournament as a volunteer photographer.  I spent a fantastic day with many wonderful people, including the Laughlin family, Caps national anthem singer, America’s Got Talent and Voices of Service star, and retired Master Sergeant Caleb Green (who drove me around on a golf cart while I took photos!), Alan May, John Walton, Joe Beninati, Al Koken, Paul Mulvey,  current Caps Garnet Hathaway and Nic Dowd, and others.

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Fantasy Camp!

On Tuesday I attended Caps Media Fantasy Camp, which you can read more about on Caps Outsider. Aside from playing alongside friends and colleagues, the highlight for me was winning a round of keep-the-puck-in-the-circle and coming in second place in Round 2, getting knocked out by Caps prospect Alex Alexeyev. I really wanted to beat him and even tried cheating but it didn’t work. In Round 3, Courtney Laughlin knocked me out. Continue reading “Fantasy Camp!”