1.3 Seconds

While in Charleston on Saturday, I went to the Marion Square market with my brother. There we saw some guys break dancing, which I thought was pretty cool since that style is associated with the 80s, and it didn’t occur to me that anyone did it anymore. But these guys aren’t just dancers, they’re more like street acrobats, considering the stunts they pulled.

Just as this guy was about the jump over seven people, I pulled out my cell phone and hit the record button, and then hit it again because I wasn’t sure if it started. Turns out, it did start, and stop, at the absolute perfect time (which by no means did I plan – that was pure luck). Had I actually planned to film this from start to finish, it would’ve been much longer. Unfortunately, 1.3 seconds isn’t much, even if it’s theĀ right 1.3 seconds, so I edited it a bit. Check it out: