That Toad I Keep Seeing

There is a toad that hangs out near the steps near my building and I frequently see it after dark while I’m walking home. I can’t tell for sure if it’s the same toad every time as sometimes it looks fatter than other times. I started seeing it over the summer, and though I don’t see it every night, I always look. Note that I don’t see any other toads on any other part of the sidewalk. Continue reading “That Toad I Keep Seeing”

A Showdown at the ‘Dyke March’

I was curious how the “Dyke March” in D.C. on Friday would play out after they asked folks not to bring items marked with the Star of David. Apparently, that star is associated with Israel (not merely a Jewish symbol), which they associate with oppression of the Palestinians, which has absolutely nothing to do with being a lesbian (I think!), which, along with homosexualy it general, happens to be prohibited in Gaza and frowned upon in the West Bank, but whatever. Continue reading “A Showdown at the ‘Dyke March’”