New Hockey Bobblehead Website

Recently I helped launch a new website about hockey bobbleheads, called Fourth Line Bobbles. It’s the first and only online database of hockey bobbleheads given out at games. Right now it includes just the NHL, but it’ll be expanded to include the minor leagues.

The idea and nearly all of the work was done by one of my Capitals Outsider writers, Andy Wallace, who has been covering Capitals bobbleheads and often minor league hockey under my guidance.

Here’s the best part. Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog, one of the most well-known hockey blogs in the country, featured an interview with Andy on Friday on a post titled The Hockey Bobblehead Database is mind-bogglingly fun. That obviously led to a huge spike in traffic and put this site on the map.

I don’t actually collect bobbleheads, but yes, I’ve written about them and I brought Andy on to focus on covering them as extensively as possible. Why? Why not. It’s clearly working, and he’s making something of it.

Anyway, check out Fourth Line Bobbles.