2015 Winter Classic

I went to the Winter Classic at Nats Park.

A few cool things I’ll remember:

After having several chances while he lived here, I finally got my photo taken with Ovie the Bulldog, who drove all the way in from San Diego. I love that dog.

I’ve always wanted to see Billy Idol in concert. Sure, it was abbreviated, and he’s 59 years old now, but I enjoyed it.

I finally got to interview Dennis Maruk, who has the Caps record for most points in a season, and it’s unlikely to be broken. (I’ll write that article later)

I got my photo taken with Craig Laughlin (I could’ve done that any time but this event seemed appropriate).

I made several folks very happy when I took their photos with Caps alumni.

I got a photo of this guy.

I wrote some articles for The Post.

Oh, and I got to personally witness a game I’ll never forget, and even talk to the players and coaches.