The Caps won the Stanley Cup and I was blessed to be able to cover much of it, including the viewing party for Game 5.

The above photo of me with the Cup was taken in 2010. Here are more recent ones:

With Ovie the Bulldog, who drove in from San Diego to sit outside the arena.
At Game 3 with colleagues Geoff Thompson and Jason Rogers.
With former Squirrels teammate Kyle and his wife Alicia, and our friend Jarrod.
At Game 4 with my friend and former Squirrels teammate Phil, who runs Caps Outsider with me.
Celebrating at the Def Leppard and Journey concert with my friend Andy a day after the Finals.
My friend Charlie gave me this shirt. He regularly makes new ones and attends games.

The singer for Journey, Arnel Pineda, wore a T.J. Oshie shirt.

From earlier in the season:

Here is me with Phil and Ted Starkey at the Stadium Series game at Naval Memorial Stadium on March 3.