Chronicle Collectibles’ Labyrinth Door Knockers

About 35 years after the film came out, a company finally put out a perfect replica of the famous door knockers from the Jim Henson movie Labyrinth.

The company, Chronicle Collectibles, apparently also filed for bankruptcy, leaving plenty of unfulfilled orders and no way for the customers to get their money back.

I took a gamble and bought these from Sideshow Collectibles, which would have offered a full refund if the order wasn’t fulfilled (I suppose I was gambling that Sideshow, too, wouldn’t be filing for bankruptcy).

The door knockers are huge and remarkable. They’re cast iron, weigh about 30 pounds each, and painted to look like they do in the film. These door knockers are treasures, more so than most of my resin-made statues that sit on shelves and can easily break. These are completely functional as door knockers, and the sound each one makes even sounds different than the other. Note that each backstop is different.

I’m hoping to one day own a house with a double entrance and mount them out front.