High School Teachers

When I attended Paint Branch High School in the early 1990s, I had a wonderful AP English teacher named Ellen Rosier. I was in over my head taking an AP course but with her encouragement, I stayed the course, and ended up getting a hard-fought B.

She passed away a few years later.  I recently found an article in the Mainstream, Paint Branch’s student newspaper, with the news:

There was another teacher at Paint Branch at the time name Phil Campbell. I never had him as a teacher but we was highly respected and became nationally known because he had a course about death and dying.

Later, after he started looking physically frail, he finally admitted that the rumours were true: He had the AIDS virus. I recall hearing that some parents removed their kids from his classes because of this.

Anyway, I also found articles about him in a couple of publications, including the Mainstream, none of which I believe are online anywhere. The Post has other articles, including an obituary.

Phil Campbell, Paint Branch High School