Pvt. William Sumner

I’ve been scanning more family photos recently and came across many of my great uncle, William Sumner, who died in a plane crash during World War II, while on a training mission in Florida.

He was the middle brother, in between my grandfather Harry (died 2007) and my great Uncle Joe. Before the war, William was a pilot for Pan Am. He had a fiance. He died June 17, 1945, while my grandfather was fighting in Europe. My father was named after him.

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Visiting the Nephews

Here are some photos of my trip to Charleston, South Carolina where I visited my nephews, Ryan and Henry.

We went to the library, where Ryan found his friend Arthur.
Ryan and I played a lot.
Henry and Lilly.
I read him all of these books.
Dada with the kids.
Having some fun right before I had to leave.

25 Years Ago, I Got Bar Mitzvahed

ben-bar-mitzvah-june-89 3

I was Bar Mitzvahed on June 17, 1989, at Shaare Tefila when it was still in Silver Spring. I even remember the first couple of verses from my haftorah, Naso. Rest in peace to the man who prepared me, Cantor Gershon Levin, who died this past Memorial Day.

Cantor Gershon Levin
Cantor Gershon Levin.

The photos of my family and I on the bima at Shaare Tefila were taken, I believe, a day earlier.