Gollum Lives!

Though it’s just in time for nothing in particular, my “A Tribute to Gollum” article was published on Gunaxin and promptly made the front page of Digg. Later, a silly post I made about how Ben Stein is getting on my nerves suddenly drew some attention, and made the front page of Digg Wednesday afternoon (though it got buried off the front).
Then, Dan Steinberg of The Post linked to CapitalsOutsider after I put up a short article and video about Matt Bradley stealing Alex Ovechkin’s fight with Steve Downie (Steinberg’s post is hilarious).
Overall, a great day on the ‘net.

Jek Porkins Article Is Bigger Than Him

It’s funny – only a couple of weeks ago I learned the name of the hefty fighter pilot who dies first in Star Wars Episode IV. It’s Jek Porkins. I learned it because I was working on an article titled “Dumbest Star Wars Character Names.” Seeing that I think it’s funny when I write tribute articles to funny, chunky, or goofy characters in pop culture (like Chunk from Goonies, or Beaker from the Muppets), Jek Porkins was a natural fit. So I wrote this article, “A Tribute to Jek Porkins” and in no time at all it went onto the front page of digg.com, with more than 600 diggs by the end of the day, which is the most ‘dugg’ article I ever had, I believe.
Not bad, especially considering I didn’t know his name up until recently.

'Worst Muppets' Is Pure Gold

My “Ten Worst Muppets” article got an incredible amount of feedback and referrals across the web. AOL TV, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly and several other sites not only linked to it, but commented on it. Entertainment Weekly called it the “Genius Pop Culture List of the Day.” Much of the criticism revolved around the fact that I included Bunsen Honeydew, Janice, and Pepe the King Prawn on the list. To me, people who like those characters, particularly Pepe, are the same ones who like Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars. Some dismissed the list entirely, as they blindly like anything Muppets-related. That’s like saying every joke Jerry Seinfeld tells is funny. Regardless, considering that the most vocal people absolutely hated my article, the page views and referrals were through the roof, and the article became even more popular than “Who is the Most Dominant Athlete Ever?” which I had published in late November.