My Grandmother Survived Covid-19

In late April, my 92-year-old grandmother was the first person at her senior living community to be diagnosed with Covid-19, which made very little sense because she was confined to her room for weeks and there wasn’t an outbreak there.

I was told that later, one of the caregivers had passed away from the virus, a much younger man and a father.

My grandmother, however, survived it, and recovered at a rehab facility. After several weeks away, she returned home. Continue reading “My Grandmother Survived Covid-19”

ROBO 100

When I was a kid, my friends and I broke out the tape recorder and pretended we were DJs. These ‘shows’ happened occasionally, starting in 1987 and lasting through 1993, before I got an internship at WMUC radio at the University of Maryland and recorded myself actually doing a real show. Continue reading “ROBO 100”